Father’s Day Gift Idea for the Dad with the Enviable Office

If you’re shopping around for a last minute gift for the Dad who has everything – we’ve got an idea for you inspired by a nasty run in with a pinched nerve.

Why not upgrade Dad’s (home?) office to enviable status with a massage chair like the one we found and enjoyed immensely while waiting for our laptop to get a tune up at our Day Job’s tech station.

This particular model will cost you a pretty penny, but if you’ve got about $10,000 you want to take off the top of your taxes, call it an office upgrade and write that thing off.*

Find it here

Or – forget the accounting monkey-work and go for a lower cost version, like this awesome zero-gravity version from Brookstone.

Here’s a tip- you can save even more if you don’t mind taking home a chair that’s already had it’s seat warmed….so to speak. This pre-owned chair will cost you about 1/4th as much as the cyber-relax model.

* This is not accounting/financial advice.

Happy Shopping!

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