“We, Office Envy?” you ask, “We? Really?”

“Yes,” we answer, “we write as we. What’s the issue?”

“Well,” you say, “are you a we? Because so far it really seems like your we is just a me.”

“Alright,” we concede, “decent point.”

So, why do we write in the first person plural in every post?

Well, the long winded answer involves the fact that we, the desk set, are all in this together, the collective worker psyche, the connotations of works spaces being shared places, a Joshua Ferris novel….

But more to the point, the simple answer:

Look, there’s more of you than there are of us.

Safety in numbers.

That said, come join us.

If you’d like to use Office Envy to simultaneously work out your creative muscle while having your ego stroked, you could have your writing or photographs published on our site. Or if you’d like to have have your productive place profiled, write to us at OfficeEnvy@Gmail.com. It’s free publicity!

There really are more readers than writers now.

Work that to your advantage.

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