Meet Some Impressive Washington DC Lobbies (not to be confused with lobbyists)

Over the weekend, a fan of Office Envy reported to us that he had recently decided to employ the muscle of Washington D.C. lobbying firm to tip the scales in his favor on a project he is involved with.

“Wow,” we said loudly, impressed, “you’ve got the clout of the infamous all-powerful Washington D.C. Lobby on your side?” Then, quieter, curiously, “The Washington D.C. Lobby….wonder what that look like.”

You’ll remember from an earlier post that we here at Office Envy have a vivid imagination – but you should also know that we have a bit of a literal streak.

So here we’ve compiled for you some of our favorite images of D.C. lobbies. But literally, lobbies. As in entry ways to buildings or offices. Today, for the sake of the pun, in Washington D.C. only. Turns out, contrary to long held, popular opinion – there are some really beautiful, clean, modern things going on in Washington these days.

Check them out below.

(And if you will be in Washington D.C. anytime soon, you should invest in a copy of our favorite Washington D.C. travel guide Where to Date in D.C., which reviews 100 great things to do in Washington D.C. no matter who you’re with.)


Organization of American States

1889 Corner 17th St, Washington D.C.


1999 K Street


Dewey Ballantine LLP

975 F Street NW, Washington DC

via Mark G. Anderson Consulting

2131 K Street, NW, Washington DC


NCIDQ Headquarters


Smithsonian Institution, Patent Office Building


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