Life’s a Beach at the Google Boston Office

Here at Office Envy things have been busier than ever. We’re on a mission to check out the country’s coolest office spaces so that we can share our findings with you and this week we hit the road in pursuit of that goal.

We just got back from Boston where we were invited to check out this office that offers and alternative for employees who can’t make it out to the Cape.

Thought you might enjoy some pics!

Pull up a beach chair and lounge in this faux sand pit that has plenty of sunlight and easy access to snacks.

Or maybe you’d prefer a cabana?

There’s no pool boy – and you have to bring your own refreshments, but there’s an outlet and a “view” of the water in this cabana.

Another Boston area favorite is quaint charming Charles street, but if visitors to the office don’t have time to traipse during their trip, in this office the cute come free.

Take a walk through the hallways and it’s as if you’re out on the cobblestone streets.

You can even open the doors and make yourself at home in a huddle room.

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