Designers’ Corner: Home Office Design with a Pop of Color

Though we’re T-ing G I F we have to admit that it was a pretty great week here at Office Envy. We survived the spotty acela internet access en route to Boston to profile an awesome office, met some really cool and inspiring entrepreneurs including Marie Forleo, and the Hot Blondies team, and had a great meeting with designer Rekha Krishnamurthi of DivineNY to discuss her recent home office design project.

As a designer, Rekha focuses on the power of color to transform a space -and she loves to introduce pops of color into neutral spaces, especially home offices.

Because she believes the great design should be accessible and affordable on every budget, one of the services that Rekha provides is creating inspirational mood boards for clients based on their color palette of choice to give her clients some ideas for items they can use to easily update their space.

Rekha finds that the mood boards allow her clients to unlock their own creativity.

Take a look at this home office mood board that Rekha and the DivineNY team created this for client in Boston who wanted to brighten up her home office space with a new color scheme and coordinating accessories. Click to enlarge.

“I’m particularly drawn to the Max Mocha Felt Ottoman from CB2 (which also comes in orange) because it turns into a twin sleeper – so it’s multi-functional for a home office that can also serve as guest room when needed,” says Rekha.

And if you like the burnt orange color scheme, you’ll need to check out the wrap office chair from West Elm. Not only does it provide a great pop of color, but for anyone who needs to swivel and roll, this chair is made for easy mobility as you glide from one side of the room to the other.

Here’s a free design tip from Rekha for your own space, courtesy of Office Envy.

“If you want to liven up a space and make it cheerful, go for an orange palette – but the key is to not use too much. Mix it will with other neutrals so that the orange tones are subtle but add enough of a signature statement.”

Interested in hearing more for Rekha? Check her out online @ or on Twitter @DivineNY and on Etsy @ DivinedzignsbyRekha

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