We’re Baa-ack

Hello Desk-Setters! We’re back – and boy does it feel good.

We missed you over the last couple of weeks- we really did.

And we hope you’ll excuse the interruption that was the last three weeks whilst the Office Envy team traipsed through 8 countries in Europe. Pictures to come!

While we were there we checked out some of Scandinavia’s most interesting design stores.

We checked out France and Italy’s luxurious leather office accouterments.

But mostly we just checked out.

We didn’t pick up a cell phone for 21 days – we kept as far away from the internet as possible – and though we felt horribly guilty for abandoning the blog for a few weeks – as it so happens, the world kept turning and now we’re back, refreshed and ready to get back in the game.

Today was our first day back in the office after this three week trek and it was of a bit of a mixed bag emotionally. Yesterday, about 8 hours into a 12 hour plane ride (and what felt like 8 hours into “The Tourist” playing on the mini screen on the back of the seat in front of us) we seriously considered the pros and cons of quitting our day job altogether to continue a life of leisure indefinitely.

But then we thought better of it. Our job isn’t so bad. It pays the bills. And provides us with an office – which we like. And healthcare, which we need. And moreover, by this point we’d given up on “The Tourist” and were on to “The Company Men” where a whiny Ben Affleck mopes through an hour and forty minutes of first joblessness after being laid off — and then officelessness when he succumbs to his wife’s passive aggressive demands that he find “a job, any job” and becomes a carpenter — until finally achieving the ultimate coup and being reinstated into office life. The office is a makeshift conglomeration of desks thrown together in a old abandoned warehouse – but after the 9 months of dejectedness that Affleck’s character has been through – it might as well be the Taj Mahal.

When we got back into the office today we couldn’t tell if it felt like forever had passed since we’d last saddled up the old swivel chair – but we did appreciate some of the little things even more than usual. That free ice coffee tasted so good and so free (actually, anything not paid for in Euros feels practically free); our co-workers were excited to see us back (if only so they could stop doing our work for us!) and our beloved 1/2 gallon water jug was waiting for us with open arms and a air tight lid.

What about your office do you most look forward to coming back to after time away?

Let us know at OfficeEnvy@Gmail.com or Office_Envy on Twitter.

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