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For better or worse, natural disasters fascinate us.

The media loves hyping them up since they provide a distraction from their day job, which these days pretty much amounts to thinking up new ways to spell “Gaddafi”.

Today the chatter in New York City is all about impending hurricane Irene, and given this week’s once in a lifetime seismic activity that rocked the Eastern seaboard, it’s understandable that the desk setters’ collective psyche has been shaken (too easy?).

Hype or not, the talk of natural disasters does prompt thought about what you should have around the office in case of emergency.

We here at Office Envy took a crack at listing out the things we figured that we’d need in case of emergency, but we got as far as “a bunch of Luna Bars and a sweatshirt” before we ran out of ideas so we turned to the pros.

Here is the list of emergency items recommended by the US Government’s website

Recommended Items to Include in a Basic Emergency Supply Kit:

Additional Items to Consider Adding to an Emergency Supply Kit:

There are also a whole host of websites that offer pre-made kits. But which is the best?

Turns out that one thing that just about all emergency preparedness kit companies have in common is a kitschy website, so the images aren’t great, but the packs themselves could be very worth the while.

Here are our favorite survival kits for the office:

1) Best for easy storage: The 72 hour Emergency Survival kit for 1 in a packpack. Throw it under your desk and forget about it until you need it.

2) Best for small business: Keep up to 20 people safe with this one deluxe survival kit packaged in portable 5 gallon tubs.

3) Best for heavy duty disasters: This cabinet includes the types of tools that will allow you and your co-workers to combat disasters and look damn cool doing it. Tools like goggles, utility rope for scaling buildings and a crow bar are included. …It almost makes surviving a disaster sound too much fun.

4) And the honorable mention award for the kit that we’re sure will come in handy – but we can’t quite describe the appropriate situation. Yes, it includes a portable toilet and four roles of toilet paper.

What emergency supplies do you have at your office?

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