Creating Modern, Colorful Office: A Field Guide

Desk Setters, we know you have impeccable taste when it comes to office design. Whether your sense of style is eclectic or organized – you need your productive place to be in an inspiring space.

Today we’re bringing you a little dose of design inspiration in case you’re ever in the mood to add a pop of color to your office arrangement, we have a few ideas for you.

Check out these sleek, modern, colorful pieces that we found on

First, we start on the inexpensive end. The Snap It Up organizer ($16) allows your to store your random loose leaf papers/pics/notes/items under the colorful bands. Available at the MoMA Store

Keep your contacts filed safety away in this eye catching address file from Pica Press
Store your books and folders on a bike shelf that can be suspended on the wall of your office

To really go all out with a colorful, modern office, you’ll need:

A blue desk, $800Colorful desk lamps, $148

And a yellow stool for resting benefit of your soles and visitors

Of course, to contrast with all this color, you’ll need something in a neutral tone to balance out your color scheme.

We love this eye catching indoor gas fireplace ($3,600-ish)

Do you have favorite colorful pieces we should know about?

Let us know at or Office_Envy on Twitter.

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