Envy this Office: Yes, it’s a Treehouse

If you’re suffering from a case of disbelief that you have to sit behind a desk as the last days of summer slip away, take a moment to live vicariously, won’t you?

This office in Shropshire, England combines work with play in a serious way. The office is built up off the ground and around a tree. But this is a far cry from your childhood hideaway.

The luxury interior includes a broadband internet connection and a flatscreen tv — bringing high technology high off the ground.

Pictures via Blue Forest

And here’s the kicker – while it may be custom, it’s not exactly one of a kind. The architectural firm Blue Forest specializes in tree houses for residential and commercial use — and yes, they even have a line of hotels. So if you’ve been thinking of upgrading to a treehouse office, may we recommend the firm of Blue Forest to you?

Inhabitat.com warns that this treehouse is sure to give you case of office envy – we have to agree.

Do you?

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