Three Chairs That Will Upgrade Your Office Style Quotient

Lately we’ve been noticing a trend towards interesting office chairs behind desks as well as in common areas and cafeterias.

The right chair can add a lot to a work space, like a punch of color or an interesting sculptural focal point.

And let’s not forget that power of a good chair to save our ever-aching back from the computer slouch induced pain we’d like to forget about.

This be-knobbed stool of sorts can serve as a coat rack and a back massage all rolled into one.

Desk Setters with a lot of reading to do will appreciate this off-spring that is the result of a book case mating with a comfy chair. There’s a company devoted just to making these, by the way…
If you’re a particularly anty desk setter who just can’t get comfortable, this may be the right chair for you. This line of chairs by HAG Capisco comes in a dozen colors including sky blue, neon green and yellow polka dot, but it’s not just the colors but the ergonomics that make it notable. The chair can support you no matter how you feel like sitting on it. So go ahead and get comfortable. This chair’s got your back.

Do you have an interesting chair behind your desk?
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