Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Office Designs

Last night we dipped our toes into the eternal debate for desk setters: would life be better if you had a job where you didn’t sit at a desk all day. Over drinks withco-workers, we shared stories of friends who are teachers or yoga instructors or — gasp –actors who don’t sit at a desk and are therefore impossible to get an email back from immediately.

“How do they do it?” we say, shaking our heads.
What do they do all day?”

But then, as the drinks keep coming, we start to think a little deeper about those questions that were flippant half an hour ago. “How do they do it?” becomes “Could I do it?” and “What do they do all day?” becomes “Would my day be better that way?” The debate continued both aloud and unspoken in our own heads, but by the end of the night, the only conclusion we had come to was that we’d ingested a week’s worth of salty foods and carbs should be banned immediately from our lives.

We, the desk-set, may never find our own answer to would life be better without a desk job. We have a feeling that the only answer is best summed up by the pithy saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” And in honor of that thought, we’re posting some pictures of inventive work spaces where they’ve brought that green grass right into the office.

For example, the design firm of HOK London has brought the ability to lounge on the lawn right into the office.

At this awesome office space in Milan, Italy, “the goal is to keep workers very relaxed.” {via}

The chamber of commerce in the capital of Slovenia has put the principle into practice by filling their space with greenery.

And if you’ve ever found yourself admiring at the colors of fall foliage, you should know about Sugamo Shunkin Bank in Tokiwadai, Japan where it’s always autumn (inside at least). The floor to window glass windows are decorated with 24 colors of stenciled leaves.

{All pictures via}

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