To Improve Employee Productivity, Add Nature

Office Design has been the subject of multiple studies in recent years.

One study in particular from the University of Michigan found that interacting with nature can have a significant impact on the memory performance and attention spans.

According to a report on the study “Researchers tested the theory by having subjects sit inside and look at pictures of either downtown scenes or nature scenes and again the results were the same: when looking at photos of nature, memory and attention scores improved by about 20 percent, but not when viewing the urban pictures.”

Need some ideas on how you can incorporate nature into your office space?

We here at Office Envy have compiled a guide for adding in the green, without spending too much of it, and without sacrificing your already impeccable sense of office style.

Three Ways to Add Nature to Your Office without Sacrificing Style:

1)  Opt for an orchid. The delicate flower is modern and elegant.

While orchids come in a variety of colors, we like the white and pink varieties best.

2) Go Big. And Double Up.

Consider introducing a few of these of these 6′ + plants into your office decor scheme.

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Use two or three to create a lush sense of symmetry or abundance. Line them up along floor to ceiling windows, or double up at entries and exits or around seating arrangements or on opposite ends of your desk or book shelf.

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3) Add some life to your desk with one of these small and manageable desk gardens that add a splash of greenery without overpowering the rest of your decor.



How do you incorporate greenery into your work space? Let us know at or Office_Envy on Twitter.


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