Office Envy’s Book Shelf Project – Post #1

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s office and noticed your eyes lingering on their bookshelves, you’ll love our newest endeavor: The Book Shelf Project.

We’re not the only office design site out there – we weren’t the first and we’re sure we won’t be the last. But we do have a different point of view than some of the other office design sites we love.

Part of what makes Office Envy different is that we offer a glimpse into the offices of real people. So you can see what they have on their desks and what inspires them personally at work. We want to move more in this direction, and that’s why we’re excited about the Book Shelf Project to show case what real live desk setters keep on their book case.

And while we compile some interesting posts for you, enjoy this gallery of interesting and inspiring book shelves.

Let us know what you keep on your book case. Which is your favorite book to keep handy?

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