Office Envy Exclusive: A Tour of the Russell and Hazel Flagship Store

We were already huge fans of the office supply brand Russell and Hazel  because of their colorful products and cheerful motto “Add Life to Your Work” by the time we entered their flagship store/corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. But the second we set foot inside, we fell in love all over again.

The artfully designed store is stocked with the company’s signature colorful binders in a wide range of hues and patterns, all of which are top of the line in quality and completely customizable.  The “do it yourself” binder building process sets Russell and Hazel apart from other office supply brands, allowing customers to create their perfect portfolio of binder inserts in a range of colors and functions.




And the sample desk arrangements were so beautifully designed, organized and accessorized we were almost tempted to plug in our laptop and get some work done (Lord knows we needed to!).

If you let Russell and Hazel into your work life, your desk could look this good:


Binders aren’t the only thing that Russell & Hazel sells. The flagship store — currently the only Russell and Hazel dedicated retailer, although 500 stores carry their over 400 products — is filled with all sorts of office accessories and paper products, all in eye catching colors.

We were drawn to these sparkly-tipped sketching pencils.

And how much do you love these adorable “calling cards” that are embossed with symbols of luck that range from a “lucky penny” to a four leaf clover and even a wishbone.

There’s also a set with magic-8-ball-like wisdom.  Great for writing reminders for yourself and tacking them to your cubicle wall or creating a business card for yourself on the fly.

We also love these fun, fruit inspired folders:

And these brightly colored tabs great for marking notes that are easy to find and organized in books or long work documents.


And as if all the beautiful office accessories weren’t enough – the store was also beautifully decorated for with holiday cheer, which quite possibly, next to awesome office supplies, of course, is our favorite thing ever!

After this visit to Russell and Hazel our cup of office supply excitement really does runneth over!

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