Four Easy-to-Overlook Office Accessories You Shouldn’t Forget

There are a few pieces no office can do without. Sure, some creative souls may add their own twist to these elements, but no work space goes without the basic staples: a desk, a chair, a source of light.

But then there are the more subtle, often forgotten elements of an office that can really define and distinguish your space.
They may be easy to overlook, but each one alone can completely change the look and feel of your space. Consider adding one or more to your office space.

They are:

1) A Backsplash. A backsplash is the wall decor that covers the space between your higher and lower furniture pieces, in this case, the desk and the overhead shelving space. If you’re already familiar with the popular kitchen decor device, it will come as no surprise that adding this design element to your office space can add depth, perspective, color and, well, to follow with the kitchen theme, a bit of flavor.


Source: via Office on Pinterest


2) Window treatments. Why settle for boring blinds when you can use a colorful curtain to control your flow of natural light. Don’t have a great view? You can still use a patterned window treatment fabric as inspiring wall art or even create a fake window.

Source: via Lynn on Pinterest


3) Wall paper. You’ve already carefully considered your color scheme, and maybe you’ve even painted an accent wall or two, but wallpaper is back and more in style than ever, which is just one more reason to consider a big, bold pattern for your home office.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


4) Seating for other people. You’ve thought long and hard about your own desk chair. It’s comfortable, ergonomically correct and distinctive, but what about a place for your office visitors and passers-by? Nothing is more awkward than a co-worker being forced to get down on one knee to chat at your desk (strike that, there are definitely more awkward things); moreover you want people to come to your office…if for no other reason than so you don’t have to leave it. Consider an architecturally inspired chair (or pair!), or even a couch, like below.


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