Real People, Real Offices: JoS A Bank internet marketer shares her home office style

Here at Office Envy, we love profiling offices with character – especially when the office space reflects the personal passions of the person who spends so much time in the space.  So we were thrilled when we received pictures of the home office of Debra Dunkins, Internet Marketing Analyst for mens’ apparel retailer JoS A Bank, because Debra has made her home office an homage to one of her favorite companies: Google.

Debra works remotely, from her home office in Nashville, Tennessee (her employer JoS A Bank is headquartered in Hampstead, Maryland), managing the company’s mobile & paid search channels & overseeing comparison shopping & affiliate channels for the men’s apparel retailer.

Her office is filled with “swag” she’s collected over the years, yet is still perfectly organized.

Debra tells us that her inspiration for the space comes from the fact that she’s an “all around Google geek” and loves all things Google.

Her favorite item in the office: the entire wall devoted to Google.

On her work-space wish list: Two red bins to complete her Google color scheme and a Google desk and lamp.


Debra has a wall dedicated to her own employer, JoS A Bank, too.


Debra also has a wall of tasks to keep her organized and right on schedule.

When she’s not working, Debra spends time training her new beagle puppy “Cache” with techniques from PetSmarts Professsional Dog Training Classes.  Because Petsmart has been instrumental in saving the lives of homeless pets, Debra supports this organization & encourages all animal lovers to do the same.


You can follow Debra on Twitter  for tweets about eCommerce, Multi-channel Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Pay Per Click advertising.

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