WeWork Provides Inspiring Office Space for Entrepreneurs

Considering so much of our lives is conducted online, it’s nice to be reminded of the power that physical spaces hold.  There’s something hopeful in the idea of a group of individuals — in this day and age — choosing to build businesses and relationships right along side fellow passionate people with similar dreams of creating something of value.

That’s why we here at Office Envy love the co-working trend that is cropping up lately.There’s a new generation of office space providers that are going above and beyond the call of real estate to provide an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and connection. Enter WeWork, a co-working space is more of a “physical social network” than an office.

Recently, we were invited to WeWork Meatpacking District location in Manhattan where we were charmed by the thoughtful if quirky design elements.

Take the tour below and let us know which part of the office is your favorite.

Charming exposed brick walls (above) are offset by real high school gym flooring (below).


WeWork is on a mission to “create environments that support creativity, collaboration and innovation. In addition to satisfying our members’ practical needs, to empower and inspire them to grow – personally and financially.”

And their “hunger for building great spaces and connecting interesting people hasn’t yet begun to be satisfied.” With five locations in New York City, one in San Francisco and one in Hollywood, the company, which was founded in 2009, has grown quickly, swelling it’s membership ranks to over 2,000.

Quirky, fun accessories dot the interior landscape.  We love the gear themed accessories.




Kitchenettes complete with state of the art appliances are complemented by living-room-like spaces for relaxing with co-workers (whether they’re your co-workers or not doesn’t matter in this post-corporate world)

Recognize this table? It’s made from the wood of a real bowling alley lane.

Weloved our tour of WeWork. If you’d like to join the movement, you can apply now to join them.

All pictures are original to Office-Envy.com

Quoted text supplied by WeWork.com


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