Grind Creates Community Around Shared Workspace

In our never ending search for inspiring offices,  we here at have begun to notice a trend. The old rules of what constitutes a “work place” are being shattered left and right by companies that are having a fantastic time doing it. Grind is one of those companies, and we were recently invited to their Manhattan outpost to take a private tour of their members-only work space where free-lancers, entrepreneurs and independent workers can commune and collaborate.

If home is where the heart is, for Grindists “the office” is a place where the community of like-minded, talented individuals gathers.  Grind was “built for free-radicals” – talented individuals with a post-corporate mindset who would rather work in a community than in a company.

Grind’s workspace on lower Park Avenue is a perfect example of how a company can express its values through a floor plan.  The space is open, with few closed off spaces signaling the importance that Grind places on breaking down the boundaries that separate companies.  One wall is made entirely of windows, letting in plenty of natural light and celebrates the vision of the entrepreneurs of individuals who gather within.  The other walls are white,with bright orange letters written across one end of the space proclaiming “work liquid”, one of the companies “Grindisms” honoring the fluid, dynamic nature of work and the spaces where work is done.

One thing that sets Grind  apart from other co-working spaces is that the company has developed an entire philosophy to pair with it physical space.  As the clever minds behind Grindput it, Grind is: “A members-only workspace and community dedicated to taking all of the frustrations of working the old way and pulverizing them to a dust so fine it actually oils the wheels of the machine.”  As such, it’s not just a place to go to work; it’s a place to reinvent work.

It’s only fitting that Grind itself is a collaborative effort sponsored by a quintet of 21st century companies with 22nd century sensibilities.  Grind benefits from the vision and partnership of co: (a growth consultancy firm), Behance (a creative work showcasing platform), Breakfast (a forward thinking technology/web consultancy), Magic + Might (an web and mobile platform design consultancy) and Cool Hunting (an online publication focused on creativity and design).

Membership to Grind is by invitation only but you can apply here to be considered for their New York City community.  Members enjoy the benefits of collaboration, camaraderie and coaching, so it’s no wonder that membership capacity was filled within three months of opening.

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