What the CEO’s desk says about this financial start-up’s ethos

There’s a reason you should see this picture of the Bonds.com CEO’s office, and it’s not just the fact that it gets perfect golden sunlight at 7pm in June.  This picture, by the way, is completely untouched.  As the instagrammers say, #nofilter.

Yes, the light is fantastic, but the desk is where the story is.

bonds.com glowing

As Bonds.com CEO Tom Thees explains, this make-shift assemblage of several small conference tables is much more than a work surface. It’s a symbol of the pragmatism, fiscal accountability and humility with which he leads his lively financial start-up.

There may come a day when the white tables are swapped out for something gleaming and mahogany but for now the desk stands as a sign of the scrappy times that every smart start-up pushes through on its ascent to greatness.

We’re inspired by the story – and a bit envious of that golden evening light streaming into the office.

And if you like the light, check out the view.

bonds.com view

Again, #nofilter.

Here’s hoping we get an invite to their New Year’s Eve Party!

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