Perfect Your Home Office with the Help of Feng Shui

Working from home has many benefits but in order to really achieve your full work potential and make your place for work at home a proper home office, strategic distribution and arrangement of colors, details, supplies, etc. can help you improve your productivity and working environment altogether.

Office that is clearly separated from the resting area

This is the first rule to a good Feng Shui office. Basically, your home office should be located as far as possible from your bedroom. Having a separate entry can improve the work consciousness as well. If having a completely different room for your home office is not possible try to make a clear division from the rest of the house, and bedroom especially, with room dividers for example.

Natural light and plenty of fresh air

Having a lot of natural light in your home office affects your mood and working performance significantly. Therefore, try to organize your working space somewhere where there are enough windows that enable circulation of fresh air and proper lighting. If this, however, is not really possible, think about investing in proper lighting solution and bring in some fresh green plants that will not only help with purifying the air but will also help you calm down and relieve stress.

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Position the desk properly

In order to foster a strong and confident feeling in your working area it is important to think about the best position of your desk that signifies your own power and strength in the office. According to Feng Shui principles, it is important to never turn your back to the doors while sitting at the desk or having it in line with the doors. Also, it would be wise to avoid facing the wall while working. If this is unavoidable, cover the wall with some effective and beautiful art.

Careful color selection

To achieve the perfect balance you wish to get upon entering your office, think carefully about the color of your walls because this can be very important. For example, you should avoid plain white color at all costs because it will  make you feel cold and burdened with work. Try different shades such as terracotta and earthy tones for bringing wealth and dealing with finances, soft green for a relaxed mood and those working with technology, or blue hues in jobs where you have to deal with a lot of stress, deadlines and details.  Surround yourself with different colors and pick one that suits your personality and professional goals the best.

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Add effective details and accessories

Even if you value minimalistic style, everyone needs some small bits and pieces to personalize and customize their surroundings, especially the place where a lot of time during the day is spent such as a home office. Incorporate artwork, photos, ornaments, inspirational messages and any other accessories in your office that speak to you and make you think about your definite success and comfort while working.

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter can disturb your energy levels and bring chaos and disorganization in both your mind and work. Also, if you see clients in your home office, clutter will only make you look unprofessional and tardy. Therefore, install enough storage solutions and always try to organize your things perfectly so that there would be no negativity and difficulty in doing your job, when you take a look at your whole office or cannot find what you need immediately. Deciding to buy a safe can also add to the power and importance of your work and profession while providing you with a place to safely store and tidy important material and information.

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Organizing your office in Feng Shui style needn’t be difficult since the main concept of Feng Shui comes from your own individuality, tastes and preferences. Envision your perfect working area and slowly start working towards making it real and perfectly suitable for your needs.

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