10 Cool Furniture Must Haves for Your Office

The office furniture of today is becoming more and more innovative than ever before. From adjustable desks to funky clocks, if you want to spruce up your office space, then check out these 10 cool pieces of furniture which will modernise and better your day to day workings in your office collected by Adam from Allard Office Furniture.

  1. Intershul airpad chair

As seen in James Bond’s Sky fall, the Air Pad Chair’s transparent membrane and newfound lightness is highly innovative. The chairs allows for automatic adjustment, so you’ll be able to work comfortably without the risk of getting a back injury. The body of the chair maintains an ideal temperature, along with the ‘Body-Float synchro- mechanism’ which is said to provide a ‘unique body float sitting experience’. Find it here.


  1. Up Write Whiteboard Standing Desk

The whiteboard surface of this desk helps to prevent your desk being permanently marked with your notes, making both wet erase and dry markers easily removable. The desk can also be easily adjusted to your height needs, and is suitable for working sitting down or standing. It’s also simple to set up, with the desk said only take 20 minutes to get up and running. Find it here.


  1. Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet by BDI

Suitable for big or small offices, BDI’s Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet provides space for a sliding printer, filing cabinet and also two storage draws. The multi functional use of this cabinet means you can be more organised than ever before, and is both scratch and fingerprint resistant. Find it here.



  1. Tone Single-Arm Personal Light by Herman Miller

Honing in on the latest LED technology, the Tone Single-Arm personal light is eco-friendly, and also adjusts to the amount of light you need. There’s no need to assemble the light, as it’s adjustable to a height appropriate to your needs. The futuristic feel of this light will give a modern feel to your office and also do away with the common eye strain issues caused through office lamps. Find it here.



  1. USB Boat by Kikkerland

For the bargain price of $28, you can get your hands on this USB boat. The USB boat allows you to add additional USB ports, and keep your office looking smart and organised. It’s also easy to set up and requires no software plug ins. Find it here.



  1. Ball Clock by Nelson

If you want your office space to be vibrant and exciting then the Nelson Ball Clock is for you. Innovative in it’s design, the ball clock is makes for both an interesting and unique interior. Available in a wide range of colours to suit your office needs, prices for this clock start at $395.00. Find it here.

adam clock


  1. Switch Mouse by Human-Scale

Unique in its v-shaped design and it’s ease of use, the Human-Scale Switch Mouse is an office essential like no other. Length adjustable and stylistic, the ergonomic ease of this mouse helps to prevent wrist and strain injuries, as well as allowing for horizontal scrolling. Find it here.

adam mouse


  1. G6-XS Plus Ergonomic Desk with Drawer by Kid 2 Youth

A more affordable option compared to the Up Write White-board desk, this desk is height adjustable, providing an iron pencil tray, flat surface and split surface. Suitable for all age ranges, Kid 2 Youth emphasise the health and safety friendly nature of this desk. Find it here.

adam desk pic 8

  1. Sundial Bookcase by Kartell

With it’s eye catching design, the Sundial Bookcase is perfect for making your office stand out. With its transparent and satin finished dividers the bookcase helps to create a visually scenic feel to your office. Find it here.

adam pic 9 book case


  1. Cat Butt magnets by Kikkerland

A quirky addition to your office, these magnets will help better organise your office, and help better organise your office. Prices start from $18.00. Find them here.

adam cat tacks****

The above post was written by Adam from Allard Office Furniture.




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