3 Ways To Make Your Office Space Calm & Collected

We might not associate our offices with the most pleasant of memories, but it’s undeniable that we spend a lot of our time in there getting work done. It’s got to be one of the most important spaces in your life when considering décor.

Whilst you’re typing away or checking emails, your surroundings are making a significant impact on your mood and ability to maintain focus. That’s why Murals Wallpaper  has come up with 3 simple design themes that you can incorporate into your work-space that will instill some calm and concentration, with minimal effort from you.

Design Theme 1: Minimalism for the Mind

A natural-looking textured wall is the perfect backdrop for getting on with detail-oriented tasks. When thinking about furniture, consider the colour white. It’s the lightest and most minimal there is, and will also create a heightened perception of space.

Cracked-Concrete-Desk_oct 26

Neutral-Wood-Desk_oct 26

Design Theme 2: Green Freedom

Green is the colour of balance. Having green in your office has been known to create a calming environment and improve reading and concentration abilities. Incorporating leaves and plants into design turns your work-space into a more freeing and natural space.

Ivy-Covered-Wall-Desk_oct 26

Green-White-Leaf-Desk_oct 26


Design Theme 3: Blue Serenity

Blue has not been dubbed the colour of 2016 for nothing. A light blue on the walls of a room makes the space appear much bigger, and you can use deeper blues to create a meditative atmosphere.


Blue-Grunge-Watercolour-Desk_oct 26

By making a change to your office wall color and making it more dynamic using the design theme you prefer, you may just find yourself reluctant to leave your office at all.

Interested in finding a wall color design theme that’s the perfect fit for you? You can find more interesting textures to work with here.

The above post was written by Anna Fell, Brand Marketing Assistant at Murals Wallpaper.  For more from Murals Wallpaper follow along at twitter: @muralswallpaper, instagram: @muralswallpaper & pinterest: Murals Wallpaper

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