Office Décor Ideas for Enjoyable Workspace

Whether you have the chance to arrange your own cubicle or you have a home office, organizing your working space is always a fun thing to do. Assembling the colour scheme you like, getting comfy furniture, and accessorizing according to your taste and needs – it all helps boost productivity and set your work motivation to the maximum. It’s not just enough to get the work done – there’s something about pleasure, too, so here’s how to make your workspace enjoyable.

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Colour outside the lines

Long gone are the times when the only office-friendly colours were dull shades of beige, white, and grey. When choosing a new paint for your workspace, try to think beyond this. Human bodies react to colours on a psychological level, so don’t take this for granted and choose the wall colour according to the type of work you do. For instance, if you’re into creative industry and always seek for new ideas and solutions, blue and green are your hues. Colour red, on the other hand, is proven to be good for work that requires attention to detail, so make your pick wisely.

Let in a breath of fresh air

There’s no need to point out how important fresh air is while working – it helps clear out your mind and calms down your nervous system. That’s why windows or, in the worst-case scenario, good ventilation is a must. Another thing to worry about is the quality of the air you breathe. The easiest way to purify it is by getting a few office plants. Not only does inside greenery boost your mood, but it can also decrease your stress levels. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for succulents since they’re well-known for their air-purifying characteristics and are easy to maintain.


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Find your creature comforts

When it comes to office furniture, two things are to be considered – comfort and practicality. For instance, the chair you work in shouldn’t be too comfy since it can make you sleepy but it should be ergonomically designed to support your lower back and improve your posture. Interior design experts suggest an office should go with rounded furniture since it has been linked with positive emotions. While sitting in circles is good for a collective mindset, straight lines work well with individuality. So, if your work field includes both types of work, consider contrasting your rounded furniture with straight line cheap rugs to maximise your and your co-worker’s capacities.

Bring your office to light

Nifty wall colours and designer furniture mean nothing if you don’t have proper lighting to work with. If you have windows, make the most of natural daylight and control the amount of it by installing shades or blinds. However, working late is more the rule rather than the exception these days, so investing in high-quality artificial lighting is a must. Consider having the possibility to adjust the brightness of the light because dimmed light, for example, is connected with freedom and it’s, therefore, good for creative work, while bright light endorses analytical and evaluative thinking.

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Find your system

Finally, don’t forget to personalize your workspace. Not everyone’s desk has to be tidy and minimalistic, regardless of what the Pinterest boards claim. As a matter of fact, psychologists say that highly ordered desks are sometimes hard to work at because of the complicated filing system, so feel free to find a system that works for you. If you can work in your own creative chaos, then go for it. On the other hand, pretty stationery and nifty office gadgets are also part of the job; so, don’t be afraid to show off your creativity by getting yourself a Wi-Fi portable document scanner or colourful sticky notes.

Don’t neglect the power of a nicely organized office – it’s the little things that can help you stay motivated and get you through the work week. Create an office of your dreams and turn going to work into an enjoyable activity.

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