Design Tips for Making Employees Love Their Office

An office design portrays the company’s policy and culture. It’s a competitive market out there, and designing an office space that meets the needs of employees and stimulates them to give their best is an effective strategy to attract new talents. It also shows that the well-being of the employees is one of the company’s priorities. Having happy employees means a having a strong community that operates together to achieve good results. In order to create space your employees will love, you need to know what keeps them satisfied and prompts their enthusiasm. Open and comfy spaces, positive atmosphere, and a place to get together during lunch breaks reflect the family spirit, and that’s exactly what you need to make a successful workplace.


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Collaborative spirit

The atmosphere of collaboration should be dominant at any workplace. After all, we spend great amount of time at the office and people we work with become somewhat of a family to us. Building and maintaining strong interpersonal relations is necessary for the company’s success. A great way to achieve this is to design an inviting open space that enhances bonding and sharing of ideas. Consider open spaces that resemble cafés or cute kitchens that look like they’ve been taken from a suburban home. Comfy couches also add up to a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Food for the mind

Providing food for their staff is something that many companies skip doing, claiming the expenses are too high. However, hunger can affect the level of productivity and concentration. In other words, people think more clearly with a full stomach. Having kitchens where people can take some time off and socialize with their colleagues will contribute to the overall good mood. Long tables and comfy chairs are inviting and may encourage employees to stay there rather than go outside and have a bite. Make sure to provide plenty of nutritious food, like fruit and veggies. You’ll need a place to store it, so consider getting some quality refrigeration appliances to keep the food fresh.


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An office oasis

Hectic pace and plenty of obligations and tasks at work can be challenging and tedious. That’s why the surroundings should contribute to the feeling of peace and harmony. When deciding on colors, stick to neutral tones like white, beige, or some gentle shade of orange, as they and have a calming effect on the mind. A mixture of vibrant colors can seem too striking and tiring for the eye. Proper ventilation and good lighting go without saying. Additionally, having plants in the office will enhance the mood of the employees and sharpen their focus, while making the air cleaner and fresher.

Encourage creativity

Every good company encourages creativity and free expression of ideas. One advertising agency from Chicago has taken this idea to a whole new level. Namely, Tris3ct, the agency in question, makes sure that every creative thought that goes through the minds of their employees gets recorded. They do this by making almost all surfaces in the office, including walls and floors, suitable for writing. That way, when someone experiences sudden inspiration, no matter where they are, they have everything they need at hand to explore that new idea.


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Enable efficient employee feedback

The flow of ideas between employees should run smoothly in order to create an efficient working environment. You can make the office layout more feedback-friendly and suitable for exchange of opinions. Try not to have very long tables in conference rooms to enable a more intimate atmosphere among employees. Also, if you have a narrow row of desks, consider putting them in groups so that each team can have a private space to discuss ideas. Even little changes like this one can improve communication between the employees and increase the company’s productivity.

A pleasant and functioning workplace contributes to the happiness of the employees. The right design creates a friendly atmosphere and encourages mutual respect, which will make the employees enjoy the time they spend in their office.


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