Boost Your Productivity Levels at Work

If you ask people how they stay alert during work hours, the most common answer you get is coffee. Coffee has become the elixir of productivity for us all. However, coffee isn’t the only thing that can keep your brain active when you need to work. Research into organizational behavior and psychology points to another thing which can be just as useful at boosting productivity levels, and you will be surprised by the answer: plants.


Yes, those plants which we place in our offices for purely aesthetic reasons are actually helping us work better. How? Let’s look at three different beneficial plants for the workplace and how they make a difference.

1: Spider Plant:


Studies suggest that spider plants help improve the quality of the air around us. They are particularly effective at removing pollutants like VOC from the air. Not just that, but these plants also help reduce stress levels at work.

Lower levels of stress= More work done!

They are also low-maintenance plants. They do not require much water and can thrive well in shaded areas. However, a little bit of light every now and then might be necessary for them. When you notice the leaves of a spider plant have turned droopy or brown, move them to a relatively sunnier side of the office, and let them stay there for a couple of days.

Once the leaves regain their luster, you can bring them back inside your cubicle.

2: Philodendron:

plantman 3

University of Technology, Sydney conducted a study where they found out that this leafy plant is a survivor—in every sense of the word! This plant is impossible to kill! It is also great at removing pollutants like VOC, carbon dioxide etc from the air, making the environment fresher and cleaner.

If the employees of an organization display poor levels of concentration or complain of frequent headaches, exposure to a Co2 laden air may be one of the factors. Hence, keeping a Philodendron plant in your workplace can provide fresher, cleaner air.

3: Lemon Balm:


This is an office plant that not only freshens up the air around, but also improves mood.

Lemon Balm is a plant that thrives irrespective of the lighting conditions it is placed in. It just needs to be kept moist. This plant is not only soothing to the eyes; its scent is also known for improving the mood of the people around.

These are our top 3 indoor office plants that can help increase workplace productivity. While there are many advantages of keeping plants in your office, they also require proper care and maintenance. A good idea would be to pick a plant that is low-maintenance to begin with. And if you have trouble figuring out which plant would be most suitable for your workplace, why not hire an indoor plant service like The Plant Man, who will be able to properly analyze your workplace, and recommend the best plants for your situation.

At the end of the day, we think we all realize that sitting in drab offices all day long is bad for us. Our ancestors spent a lot of time outdoors surrounded by greenery. While we can’t just take our desk and set it in between some beautiful greenery, we can bring a little bit of green beauty to our workplaces.


The above post was written by  the creative team behind The Plant Man.


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