All You Need to Make Your Office a Stress-Free Oasis


There’s no doubt that workplace stress reduces the individual’s ability to focus on multiple tasks. That stress comes from multiple sources: annoying coworkers, demanding boss, poor conditions and never-ending workload. One of the sources we often overlook is the work environment. We’ve seen just how depressing it can be when employers try to cram as many workers as possible in one space by designing dozens of cubicles. Fortunately, today, that has changed and we have more open-plan collaborative spaces. Still, they’re not without their flaws, and there is still room for improvement. Here is everything you need to turn your office space into a stress-free oasis.


Piled up paperwork isn’t doing you any favors. Searching for a pen in crowded drawers can just add up to your stress. The same goes for a bunch of folders littering your computer’s desktop. Getting rid of all the unnecessary items, and organizing the remaining ones into meaningful wholes will make you feel like you’re shedding physical and mental weight. The fewer the distractions, the better you’ll be at what you do.


Use the Right Colors

Color psychology has been used for centuries to create an environment that promotes well being. Take your cues from this ancient practice and introduce soothing shades, such as green and purple. However, don’t miss out on the chance to include colors that enhance productivity too, like blue and brown. If you don’t have the chance to paint your office, de-stress the environment with details like accessories, folders, pen holders, etc.

Improve the Lighting

Studies have shown that office lighting can impact productivity and mood. Since something as simple as lighting can have such influence, it is also very simple to address this issue. If you can, try to get as much as natural light as you can. Alternatively, you can introduce several artificial light sources of different temperatures (cool and warm) and produce similar effect as of the sunlight.


Make It Comfortable

If you are sitting at an office desk eight hours every day, you should make sure you have an ergonomic chair that provides good lumbar support and that the keyboard is at hand level. Some offices have started addressing the consequences of sedentary behavior with standing desks, but they too can be quite uncomfortable for your legs, back and neck. You can minimize the discomfort with rubber anti fatigue mats that absorb impact and keep your feet in a more natural position.

Introduce Greenery

Introducing plants is a simple, yet very rewarding change. Plants are not only purifying the indoor air, but they also make the environment feel stimulating and less stressful. In fact, research from Washington State University found that productivity in employees that worked in room with plants increased by 12%, they were more attentive and the task they were performing was less stressful.


Listen to Music

It’s no secret that good music improves the mood. However, this isn’t a frequent de-stress solution in offices. If your office allows it, play some soothing songs while working. If you can, use headphones to avoid distracting colleagues.

Keep Healthy Snacks Close By

Junk food and soft drinks are a natural go to when we’re stressed. To avoid reaching for this “comfort food”, keep a bottle of water near your desk and a pack of healthy snacks (nuts, almonds, raisins, etc.) in the drawer, and reach for them whenever you feel worn out. Avoid unhealthy snacks, such as potato chips.

The workplace can be stressful, there’s no way around it. Still, you can do your best to keep that stress at the minimum. Follow these few tips and make your office as close to a zen sanctuary as it gets.

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