Luxury Furniture for Creating a Dream Home Office that Inspires Creativity

Working from home has become the choice of many people today. And we’ve finally moved on from considering a laptop and any chair or a living room sofa a good-enough solution for a home office. Now, we’re aspiring to something more professional, functional, and in the end, aesthetically pleasing. Office design impacts both your productivity and the first impression your clients make of you, that is, if you are using the office for seeing clients too. Besides, your home office is your sanctuary, and this should be enough of a reason to treat it with at least one lust-worthy piece of furniture. Here are our suggestions.

Conroy Leather Office Chair by Hooker FurnitureImage credit:

Conroy Leather Office Chair by Hooker Furniture

The most important thing about an office is, beyond any doubt, an office chair. This piece of furniture will determine how comfortable you’ll feel while sitting for hours and will you feel any negative consequences of that. It should be pleasant to sit on, provide enough support and enable height adjustment. This chair gives you all that and more. Tufted back, brass nail head trim and top-grain leather make this office chair something to brag about.

Oxford Chair by Fritz HansenImage credit:

Oxford Chair by Fritz Hansen

If you are aiming for a more simplistic design, you can opt for a classic that is synonymous with prestige and status – Oxford chair. This chair’s history goes way back to 1965 when Arne Jacobsen designed it for professors at Oxford College. The seat and back are made of high-quality leather, while the legs and arms are produced of shiny chrome which brings in a touch of metallic trend into your office.

Canasta 2 Drawer Console by Max SparrowImage credit:

Canasta 2 Drawer Console by Max Sparrow

If you are looking for that one eye-catchy piece of furniture that will make the rest of them blush of shame then Canasta console is the one for you. The sophisticated geometric forms and detailing make it unparalleled in luxury and a favorite of both interior design experts and enthusiasts, since after it is added to the room, there is no need for much more work to be done. Additionally, the high-quality materials and great craftsmanship make this table an investment to last.

Larus Directional Desk by Della RovereImage credit:

Larus Directional Desk by Della Rovere

If your home office is spacious enough, this is the perfect desk to have. Larus provides a full range of office furniture that can be separated or combined in various ways, thus creating more than 200 combinations. Fascinating, right? In one piece you get an office desk, storage solution, coffee table, service elements, extensions and pedestals.

Cubus Storage Cabinet by WharfsideImage credit:

Cubus Storage Cabinet by Wharfside

This luxuriously-made cabinet is manufactured of real enduring wood. The selection of internal compartments offers very functional storage solution, while the angled sliding door makes the furniture piece impeccably elegant and minimalistic. A perfect solution for minimizing the office clutter and maximizing its style.

Wide French Sleigh Dresser by Laurel CrownImage credit:

Wide French Sleigh Dresser by Laurel Crown

Anything that has “French” in its name has to be luxurious, right? Well, we can’t guarantee about every little thing, but this sleigh dresser is the personification of classic luxury. This large chest of drawers might not offer you the same functionality as the previous storage solution, but it does bring the spirit of aristocracy straight into your office. Besides, the chest goes with two hidden drawers and it is made of hand carved mahogany, what more could you wish for?


Image credit:

Eichholtz Soto Cabinet by Luxdeco

This cabinet, or to be more precise bookcase is a nicely crafted expression of beauty made with stainless steel and black glass. Similarly to the mentioned Canasta console, it uses geometry to create an interlinked designed. It is clearly inspired by the Art Deco period, which is never a bad thing if you are searching for luxury.

You work hard in your home office, and therefore, you deserve the best. Perhaps you can’t afford each of these lavish pieces, but some self-indulgence can’t hurt.

The above article was written by Tracey Clayton, a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.


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