Motivating Employees Through Online Platforms

Employees are the building blocks of any enterprise. Any business or organisation that expects to perform well in the market and grow must have a motivated workforce to be at the forefront of its success and competitive advantage. However, due to firms succumbing to austerity cuts in the country and the backdrop of poor economic conditions, many UK firms are facing considerable challenges in motivating employees.

Although many UK companies have taken steps to combat the rising threat of disgruntled and demotivated workers in the country by joining hands with academics and think tanks, poor employee motivation is still a problem. A 2015 UK survey found that nearly half of UK employees feel a lack of motivation in their workplaces. So how can a business motivate employees? Enter online platforms.

Why Online Platforms Are Key to Employee Engagement and Motivation

Online platforms are becoming increasingly important as businesses are becoming more focused on integrating technology to drive competitive strength and leverage. Employees of an enterprise or organisation can lose commitment to their work as a result of poor communication, lack of engagement and reward systems and transparency of their efforts that can lower company efficiency and growth.

Using online platforms, such as Power 2 Motivate, helps build considerable transparency and visibility to employee performance tracking and management system that can help boost commitment and motivation levels. It can further be pivotal in building an efficient work culture that encourages higher social sharing and activity that can help employees feel valued in the enterprise.

Businesses can no longer rely on old-age methods to galvanise their employees to achieve high morale and passion for excellence. Organisations, such as those involved in sales and services industries, require a centralised approach to manage all employee activity and equip them with the necessary tools and medium to advance their individual and collective goals.

For instance, sales organisations, through the use of online platforms, can set sales targets to encourage greater effort and provide them with useful and detailed feedback to assess their performance. Through this centralised approach, management will have greater control on equipping each employee with individual performance goals that will help increase business efficiency and growth and the employee will benefit from improved communication and interaction.

What Online Platforms Are Best For Improving Employee Motivation?

Different online platforms will offer different features and advantages. A firm must be careful in choosing one that can meet its business and employee needs. Among the various benefits that an online platform can provide, firms must take greater effort in ensuring a platform is versatile and flexible enough to meet evolving business and employee requirements. This will be essential in making sure the platform’s features can be scaled in accordance with company growth objectives and plans.

Furthermore, the right platform must offer a simple user interface to ensure smooth and convenient navigation of features and tools. Employees should face no issues or problems in accessing their individual accounts and be able to access all important information for their success.


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