Are You Unhappy at Work?


Do you often feel like you’re stuck in a job that offers you nothing more than work stress and dissatisfaction?

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This may be a good time to consider doing something about that. There could be a number of reasons leading to the sinking feeling you have every time you think about your current job, workplace, and/or career, and it will only worsen unless you take control of the situation and do something about it.

Unhappy employees have two basic options to deal with their situation:

However, before you decide what to do about it, it is important to know what exactly is bringing you all this stress. You need to identify the problem.

Identify the Problem

Unless you know what the problem is, it will be complicated to find a solution for it. There could be just one central problem that every other minor issue stems from – you know, a bad boss or a cut in the employee entitlements. This problem alone has you so upset that every small thing that goes wrong at the workplace just adds to your miseries.

Other things to consider might include but aren’t limited to:

Take the time to carefully consider what is going wrong and where is it going wrong. Once you have that figured out, the next course of action is to decide what you want to do about it.

Do You Have an Alternative?

A number of issues can be solved if you muster up the courage to discuss and/or negotiate over them with the management. For that purpose you need to see what you’re willing to forgo in return for something better. For example, you’ve been working for vertical growth which you didn’t accomplish, but there could be a possibility for horizontal growth for you – keep your options open. Talk where you have to. Negotiate where you can. Find a solution.

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Is It Something that Shouldn’t be Overlooked?

In cases of workplace discrimination, harassment, and or events of employee rights violation – you shouldn’t silently bear situation. These circumstances can grow overtime and develop into scenarios that are more emotionally and professionally taxing than they are at the moment. Don’t waste your time. It is best to consult the employment lawyers in your area to seek legal remedies for the situation.

When You Don’t See a Way Out

If the situation has developed into one where you don’t feel like working or even showing up at the workplace, be wise enough to look for another job. Regardless of your reasons, this is the time where you have already faced enough. The damage is done and there is little chance of repairing it.

Be wise. Be professional. Do what you’ve got to do.


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