Modern Furniture and Decor for your Home Office

With so many people working from home, both full time and part time, what used to be our vision of a perfect home office (a laptop, a lap and a place to sit) no longer has what it takes. Home offices are getting a more professional appearance that can stand shoulder to shoulder with companies’ premises, and not only that, by providing you with total freedom when it comes to décor, they are can be even better. So, if you want to turn your home office into modern and stylish space that inspires productivity and evokes good mood, here are a few tips that will help you achieve that.

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Start with a chic (and motivating) color palette

Every good painting starts with a canvas. The walls of your home office should be the canvas on which you will paint a modern and inspiring home office. A neutral palette is the best choice because it will allow you to experiment with the furniture and the décor. If you want to include a chic trendy moment, go for Pantone’s Greenery with wallpaper or some detail. On the other hand, you can turn to color psychology and use blue for productivity and yellow for good mood.

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Create Activity Zones

Dividing the room into several different zones will create a dynamic atmosphere and it will also make the office more functional. Consider all the activities you are going to have in that room. If you are just going to do a desk job, that is the zone that should be your priority, but you can still include a relaxing nook for taking a break. If you are going to receive clients or hold discussions you should also incorporate an additional seating area.

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Make your main workspace your priority

Obviously, the most important part of your office is the one where you will spend the most of your time, so comfort is the first thing you should pay attention to.  Get a desk where you can hold your hands at a 90-degree angle and an ergonomic chair so that the long sitting hours don’t be too difficult for you. However, don’t let this “comfort” part disrupts the stylish side of your workspace. The chair and the desk should fit into the overall style of the room (e.g. if your style of choice is Scandinavian, go for pale wood for the desk).

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Amp the coziness

What’s the difference between an office and a home office? You’ve guessed it; it’s in the word home. Play that card a bit more by adding homey elements. A soft armchair in the corner for relaxing in between filing binges? Why not? A trendy flatweave runner rug that will introduce the visitors into your fabulous mini corporate empire? Definitely. Three-seat sofa for naps? If you must. Anything that makes you feel happier in your office, while not distracting you from your job completely, is acceptable.

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Have enough storage space

Let’s go back to the functionality talk. Every well-decorated office has to have enough storage space. If you have very little space at your disposal, you can go with multipurpose furniture (e.g. an ottoman that can serve as a storage unit), below the desk storage and vertical shelving. Open shelving is an excellent way to score on both functional items and decorative elements.

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Sprinkle with details

Speaking of decorative elements, it is about time to introduce some of your sparkling personality into your home office. A piece of artwork that goes well with your design style (e.g. for Scandinavian, choose simple black and white canvas prints, and for vintage, go for some flowers or nature scenes), will look fantastic on your office wall. You can also add some travel souvenirs and family photographs. House plants are always a great way to spice up some space, but they are also useful for purifying the air and improving your focus.

Although everyone has a different set of needs when it comes to their workspace, there is no doubt that you can find something for yourself in these tips and create the perfect office space that matches your needs and personality.



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