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For someone in a web-based business, being good at one’s job is not a guarantee for getting clients. It takes more than just being talented or creative to succeed in freelancing. The workspace where you meet your clients in person plays an essential role in pitching your idea or selling services. While we might argue that many clients just want the job done, many of them will base the first impression on the office decoration. Using these tips learn how to ‘sell’ your office design.

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A lasting first impression

When you meet potential clients in your office, you have the advantage of the home ground. But in order to play that role accordingly, you need to create a professional scene. In short words, your office should be compatible with your profession and reflect all your company stands for. Whichever decorating style you choose, focus on creating an atmosphere that is businesslike but at the same time welcoming, pleasant, warm and cosy. Give your visitors something they don’t experience every day. People tend to trust people they meet in warm surroundings. The following paragraphs will give some ideas how to achieve this.


Visual experience buys and sells

The results of many independent studies have shown that 9 out of 10 people are visually influenced when they are making a purchase. No matter the quality of the product, they are less inclined to pay a considerable sum if the product package is poorly executed. Think of your workspace as a package and ask yourself if the premium service your company is known for has the package it deserves. Being objective and non-biased with your own office isn’t always easy, but visitors’ reactions should tell. Some of often cited negative impressions is archaic and uncomfortable furniture, dusty surfaces, dullness of the walls, poorly hydrated plants and items placed there by chance. Offices all around the world make sure their space is clean, that it has plenty of green lush plants and that their furniture is comfortable and made of quality materials. You can easily follow an example and look for spacious desks and ergonomic office chairs in Sydney, like most Aussie workspaces do.

Effective office layouts and designs

Everyone has had this experience as a customer – you are standing while doing business with a comfortably seated employee. No seats available can mean only two things: either the company’s budget is that tight or their tactics is to get the business done and speed the clients off as quickly as possible. Make sure you have enough seating options in your reception area. Other than functional, your space and furniture arrangement should correspond to the message you want to give. A desk interposed between you and your client sends a message of prestige and low interference in your work. A round table on the other hand, promotes discussion among people.


Brilliant examples

The design team hired for Atlassian’s office in Austin was challenged to create a loft-like feel in a first generation building. They opted for a tiered platform that encourages clients and employees to socialize and congregate. In addition, there is a hospitality bar, quiet zones, and two outdoor terraces. A stunning example of office design in Sydney is iiNet’s new east coast office. It utilizes virtual reception that lets the iiNet brand to speak for itself. The office floor breaks down traditional cubicles in favour of open collaborative spaces. The designers used colour and theming to introduce elements of playfulness into more formal meeting rooms, making a soft transition towards the informal areas like The Patio, The Family Room and The Games Room.


The workspace that you present to your clients should reveal your intentions. If you are creative startup entrepreneur, your good taste and style should be seen everywhere. Contrary to many DIY blogs, old furniture and spare pieces assembled randomly won’t give your office a vintage style. On the other hand, being surrounded with beautiful, comfortable furniture and decorative object adds value to your work and raises your clients’ expectations.

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