Creative Home Office Ideas: Working from Home in Style

With the business climate as it is, many people carry their work home with them or have full-time at-home jobs, which demands a dedicated space for working, which has to be much more than a couch where you would sit and put your laptop in your lap. Besides being functional, a home office should look nice so that it can inspire productivity and creativity you need to be good at your job. Here are some ideas which will help you succeed in that.

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Tucked in under the stairs

What’s that – there is no room in your house to design a home office? Have you tried with the cute space tucked in beneath your stairs? This space is usually unused, but if you put it to good purpose you would be surprised by what you can achieve. It is perfect to fit in a floating desk. The storage space under it can be well used. Also, you can get creative and install a cork board on the back wall so you can hang your notes or elevate the space with some photos, motivational quotes, and artwork.

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Inside the closet

Another place where you can set up your home office if you have troubles with space is an empty closet. It may sound silly, but converting a closet into a working station can be very functional. While one shelf can serve the purpose of an office desk, the ones above can be used for storing files, documents, office supplies, etc. The best thing about it is that when you are not working, you can simply put away the chair, close the closet doors and hide it in plain sight.

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Fitted into the living space

The living room is the usual suspect for setting up a work station. And why wouldn’t it be? It is comfy, well-designed and you already spend a lot of time in it. Although it is a smart idea to zone the space and visually separate the office from the rest of the room, you should also keep the sense of unity in design. Separate the office with an area rug and different accessories, but keep the style difference subtle. Many of the available console tables in Sydney and other bigger trade centers, have just what you need to set up your laptop and office supplies without standing too much out of the living room feel.

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Vintage warmth

Maybe they didn’t have laptops back in the Victorian era, but they did have beautiful pianos which can be repurposed into an office desk. Such antique appearance can be complemented by a comfy re-upholstered armchair (maybe shabby chic, if that isn’t too feminine for you) instead of an office chair. You can also include old books, picture frames, wooden accessories, etc. This kind of setup would look best in your bedroom by the window.

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Go all out with space

If you are not struggling with finding enough space for your home office, then, by all means, use as much room as you think you need. You can even design an office space for another member of the household. A large bookcase can serve as a perfect storage solution for all of your office supplies. If you include a large and lengthy desk, you can introduce two chairs opposite or next to each other. Such a large office space would look even better if it is painted in lighter colors (e.g. white, beige or gray).

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Go Scandi

Scandinavian interior design is all the rage these days, and it is a perfect choice for a home office since it insists on minimalism. Also, it combines functionality, understated elegance, perfect illumination, and natural touches (natural wood and house plants). The basic things to know about it are that it includes neutral colors like white and grey, and contrasting black and metallic.

With an office inspired by these ideas you will have no troubles doing a few extra hours of work, so get down to designing.


The above post is provided by Tracey Clayton, a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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