Get Your Office Holiday Ready With These Festive Decorations

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There’s something magical about the holiday season, no matter which holidays you recognize. If you’re looking for a way to infuse holiday spirit into your work scene, look no further, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

1) Add a holiday garland!

For a classy way to infuse your corporate or home office with spirit, drape a festive holiday garland across your reception desk, office door or bookcase.

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If you’re in the market for a great garland,  the Snowed Berry, Pine Cone, Berry & Pine garland from Silk Plants Direct is a gorgeous faux option that has vibrant red berries and very true to life looking pine needles.

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We were very impressed with the quality of the garland we received from them in return for an honest review. The Office Envy staff paired one with each book case to infuse our workspace with holiday cheer.

In addition to being very lifelike, the garland was fairly malleable so that it could be molded to fit a variety of spaces. The nice thing about faux foliage, of course, is it requires no watering, so if you won’t be spending time in your office over the holidays, you don’t need to worry about pine needles falling over and requiring clean up when you return.

2)   Light it up!

Instant holiday spirit AND you add a little extra light to your space, which can make you feel cheerier about working after the sun has gone down. Consider adding twinkling strings of lights in your work space, and in communal halls.

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3) Bring a festive plant into your work space.

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Bringing a vibrant, decorated desk plant, whether real or faux, into your work space or reception area is another great way to infuse a dusting of holiday spirit into your office.  Consider red or white (real or faux) flowers, or buy a few extra tree ornaments and dangle them from your favorite petite plant to make it more festive.

Can’t decide what type of plant to invest in? Make it easy on yourself and buy a silk pointsettia plant that will store away easily until the most magical time of the year rolls around again, like this colorful, lifelike one from Silk Flowers Direct.

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4) Go ahead, go all out

If you work in a cubicle and  live your life waiting for the holiday season to roll around again — it’s here, go ahead and own it by transforming your workspace into a gingerbread house, Santa’s workshop or The Polar Express. If you’ve got spirit, let it show — this is your time to shine. Even better, make it a contest and challenge you cube-neighbor to see who can outdo the other this year…and then again next year…and the year after that…

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The above post was written by Office Envy staff. If you’re interested in learning more about how faux foliage can enhance your workplace decor during the holiday season or year round, connect with Silk Plants Direct on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest! No money was exchanged for this post, although Office Envy staff did receive product in exchange for an unbiased review of the product received.


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