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Keep Warm at Work with These Tea Set Ideas

Public Schools across the Northeast are closed due to snow, Halloween has come and gone, and we spotted a Christmas tree in Pottery Barn this morning: baby, it’s about to get cold outside. But there’s no reason you should sit … Continue reading

An Office-Friendly Gift That’s Affordable, Gender-Neutral and Classy as Heck

These days, in our emotionally intelligent office places, celebrations of personal landmarks are common place. Co-worker’s birthday? Break out the cupcakes. Someone getting married? Uncork a bottle bubbly, stat. Baby on the way? Shower the proud parent to be with … Continue reading

Irreverent Desk Decor That’s Cheap and Handy

The last several days have included a couple of sticky situations when it comes to public transportation, including – but not limited to – hopping on an express train when we needed to go local, waiting so long for a … Continue reading

The Well Designed Phone Charger

A confession from one desk setter to another: We here at Office Envy have a fancy new cell phone that lets us call, email, text, tweet, make restaurant reservations, get directions when we’re lost, buy domain names (you know we … Continue reading

Office Accessories with a Sense of Humor part 2

Hey Desk Setters, If you’re in the market for something to set on your desk, consider these cute and quirky pics from the website uncommon goods. The site sells hundred of items, organizes them by occasion/recipient for ease of gift … Continue reading

Carry Your Computer with Your Head Held High

Like most desk-setters, we often need to bring out laptop home at night or over the weekend, so we carry it in a bag. Over the years the particular bag has been swapped out due to the use and abuse … Continue reading

Office Accessories with a Sense of Humor

Turns out even desks can get a case of the blahs, and we have the perfect solution if your desk is currently suffering from boring style: Lighten the mood with these quirky desk accessories from mxyplyzyk — a retailer brave … Continue reading

Office Supply Websites We Love: Part 2 of 5

In case you missed the first installment of Office Supply Websites We Love, before you read this post you may want to check out the first installment in the series. This week our featured supplies site is See Jane Work … Continue reading

Accessorize Your Desk with Kate Spade

Recently we here at Office Envy were asked to choose three adjectives to describe our ideal office decor. We came up with: 1) Sophisticated 2) Elegant 3) Polished (With “organized,” “clean-sharp-lines,” and “a bit sassy” as runners up) As we … Continue reading

The Well Designed Business Card

Here’s a bit of a confession from your friends at Office Envy. We’re what some might call “serial entrepreneurs” constantly dreaming up the next idea, falling head over heels in love with it, and buying a domain name and business … Continue reading

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