Envy These Offices

Life’s a Beach at the Google Boston Office

Here at Office Envy things have been busier than ever. We’re on a mission to check out the country’s coolest office spaces so that we can share our findings with you and this week we hit the road in pursuit … Continue reading

Envy this Office: Founder of Morpheus Media Shenan Reed’s Stylish Corner Office

Just when we thought we might be over-thinking this whole Desk Set style thing, we stumbled upon an office that calmed our nerves (and gave us a serious case of Office Envy). Great office design really is out there. And … Continue reading

A Sneak Peak at Poppin’s New York City Headquarters

If you would describe your office decor as dull, it’s time to add a pop of color to your productive place. And we’ve got just the source for you! Poppin, the inspired office supply company that opened its (electronic) doors … Continue reading

Envy this Office: Wish You Could Do Business at NYC’s Core Club?

In the dog days of summer, even the desk-set heads outside and this week Office Envy was invited to join the one woman digital media power house Wenda Harris Millard out on the terrace of the Core Club in midtown … Continue reading

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