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Success is in the Air: How Air Quality Affects Office Productivity

If you can’t smell the scent of incoming profits in your office, odds are your workplace could use an air-conditioning upgrade. Recent research has shown that the impact of air quality on productivity is much higher than originally believed to … Continue reading

Make your Own Shipping Container Office

{Images via here, here and here} Is it worth it? In the world of fierce corporate competition and constantly rising rents, the expense of renting office space is a problem many companies — including budding startups — commonly face in … Continue reading

Meet Some Impressive Washington DC Lobbies (not to be confused with lobbyists)

Over the weekend, a fan of Office Envy reported to us that he had recently decided to employ the muscle of Washington D.C. lobbying firm to tip the scales in his favor on a project he is involved with. “Wow,” … Continue reading