Office Decor Ideas

Envy this Office: Founder of Morpheus Media Shenan Reed’s Stylish Corner Office

Just when we thought we might be over-thinking this whole Desk Set style thing, we stumbled upon an office that calmed our nerves (and gave us a serious case of Office Envy). Great office design really is out there. And … Continue reading

Overheard at the Office

Check out this views from a lower Manhattan office building – but before your case of Office Envy flairs up, get this: These views exist if you’re looking out the 15th floor window of building that this tech company calls … Continue reading

Office Envy’s First Rule: Focus on Foliage, Flowers

In last night’s MBA marketing midterm we were asked to repeat back the professor’s personal formulation of the first four rules of marketing: 1) Focus; 2) Focus; 3) Focus; and 4) Everything’s relative. Well, it just so happens that we … Continue reading

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