Office Design Ideas

Make your Own Shipping Container Office

{Images via here, here and here} Is it worth it? In the world of fierce corporate competition and constantly rising rents, the expense of renting office space is a problem many companies — including budding startups — commonly face in … Continue reading

Illuminating Office Design

Lighting can make or break any work environment. It affects workers’ productivity and mood, which are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. When we are dwelling in near dark surrounded by piles of paperwork, our productivity and creativity … Continue reading

Four Easy-to-Overlook Office Accessories You Shouldn’t Forget

There are a few pieces no office can do without. Sure, some creative souls may add their own twist to these elements, but no work space goes without the basic staples: a desk, a chair, a source of light. But … Continue reading

Office Window Envy

The light in an office can completely change the work experience for a desk setter. Even on cloudy days, access to natural light can have an impact on your mood and your outlook on life. Lately our day job desk … Continue reading

Would You Ever WFB (Work From Bubble)?

We’ve come across some amazing office design schemes but it’s possible that this one takes the cake for brilliant crossing into the bizarre. For anyone who has ever wished that they could find a little peace and quiet on a … Continue reading

Five Tips for Creating Your Perfect Home Office

Whether you’re creating your first home office or updating your existing one, the key to creating a great home office is to create an organized space that reflects your personal style and is warm and inviting so that you’ll want … Continue reading

Bringing the Outside In: Nature Inspired Office Designs

Last night we dipped our toes into the eternal debate for desk setters: would life be better if you had a job where you didn’t sit at a desk all day. Over drinks withco-workers, we shared stories of friends who … Continue reading

Have Your Ever Seen A Better Attic Makeover?

It should come as no shock to you, the faithful Office Envy reader, that we here at Office Envy are constantly in search of pictures of inspiring office design and decor. What is surprising – is how this awful unusable … Continue reading

More Inspiring Home Office Design Ideas

Last week’s post on home office designs was a big hit, so we’re back with more. This week’s home office interiors are sleek, sophisticated and professional but full of character. Let us know which one is your favorite! All images … Continue reading

Home Office Decor Inspiration

A few months ago a friend of ours told us that shopping for cosmetics was her way to relax, and last night as we found ourselves curled up with a stack of Crate and Barrel catalogs we realized that “shopping” … Continue reading

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