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Happy 1st Birthday to Office Envy!

On the Friday of Memorial Day weekend 2011, at the airport,while perusing a copy of Inc Magazine, the nugget of an idea surfaced.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what other people’s offices look like? To see the spaces where … Continue reading

People whose offices we want to see

Since launching Office Envy we’ve been ushered into some very enviable offices both physically and virtually and seeing those interesting offices and meeting the people who spend their days there is fascinating to say the least. Seeing someone’s work space … Continue reading

We’re getting a(nother) makeover

How does that old sing songy diddy go? First comes love, then comes marriage…? Well, in our hot-headed, serially entrepreneurial, act first-think later life, we have a version of the saying that goes like this: “First comes idea, then comes … Continue reading

We’re Baa-ack

Hello Desk-Setters! We’re back – and boy does it feel good. We missed you over the last couple of weeks- we really did. And we hope you’ll excuse the interruption that was the last three weeks whilst the Office Envy … Continue reading

Are We Thinking Too Seriously about What the Desk Set Is?

Over the last couple of days we’ve been thinking about what it means to be part of the Desk Set. What do members of this tribe have in common? Well, we show up at an office (most days) and we … Continue reading

Two Takes on Office Design: WSJ and NYT Face Off

Recently two major media sources each published an opinion piece on the topic of office design. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal pieces differ in focus. Unsurprisingly the NYT article takes a design angle –“Design itself is the … Continue reading

What do you think of our new look?

There are a lot of really exciting things going on at Office Envy right now. We are building a following on Twitter, have multiple meetings scheduled with some amazing businesses with great office space, and we’ve got quite a few … Continue reading

Blog Design Envy

Lately we here at Office Envy have caught a case of blog envy! We can’t stop browsing around the blogosphere checking out colors, layouts, functionality, apps, looks, feels… Yesterday we spent more time than we’d like to admit testing out … Continue reading


“We, Office Envy?” you ask, “We? Really?” “Yes,” we answer, “we write as we. What’s the issue?” “Well,” you say, “are you a we? Because so far it really seems like your we is just a me.” “Alright,” we concede, … Continue reading

What Does Your Dream Office Look Like?

There was a time, long, long ago, before Office Envy was even a twinkle in our eye, when we thought we knew what it meant to work in business. It meant working at an investment bank counting money, or whatever … Continue reading

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