How to Decorate Your Office Walls with Style

Walls are like blank canvases waiting to be embellished and decorated. They can provide unlimited source of inspiration, especially in the office where you need visual and creative stimulation. Wall décor can motivate you to work, help you relax and … Continue reading

How to Soundproof Your Office and Reduce Noise Distractions

Noise is one of the major workplace issues plaguing offices around the world, no matter the layout, no matter the design concept. Cramming a bunch of people together with little chance of privacy or separation might be a good solution … Continue reading

Ways to Foster Your Creative Start-Up Business with A Collaborative Work Environment

Have a look at some of the best companies globally. If there is one thing that you will notice in all of them it is that they have a collaborative work environment which helps them move towards organizational success. Collaboration … Continue reading

Get Your Office Holiday Ready With These Festive Decorations

{Image via} There’s something magical about the holiday season, no matter which holidays you recognize. If you’re looking for a way to infuse holiday spirit into your work scene, look no further, we’ve got some great ideas for you. 1) … Continue reading

5 Gadgets and Apps That Help Us Get Through the Workday

While a lot of people are talking about technology as something that has the potential to change the industry on a massive scale, they often forget about the ways in which it makes individuals more productive. We’re not even talking … Continue reading

Workspace Group Relaunches ‘Club Workspace’ Co-working Brand

Workspace Group, providers of flexible office space across London, relaunched its Club Workspace brand this month in a bid to enhance users’ experience of co-working. The renewed strategy features a fresh look for the brand alongside an improved website, promoting … Continue reading

5 Ways to Incorporate Nature in the Workplace

Incorporating natural elements into the workplace is gaining popularity.  Not only will your office look more pleasing, but your work can benefit from it as well, since research shows that being around nature can improve your efficiency.  So, let’s take … Continue reading

Creative Home Office Ideas: Working from Home in Style

With the business climate as it is, many people carry their work home with them or have full-time at-home jobs, which demands a dedicated space for working, which has to be much more than a couch where you would sit … Continue reading

Design Your Office for Profit and to Attract More Clients

For someone in a web-based business, being good at one’s job is not a guarantee for getting clients. It takes more than just being talented or creative to succeed in freelancing. The workspace where you meet your clients in person … Continue reading

Environmental health: What you need to know if you have a home office

Via Pexels.com There is no better feeling than working from the comfort of your home. Many people nowadays choose to work from home as it offers better flexibility, relaxation, and a lot less stress than working from an office. Home … Continue reading

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