Modern Furniture and Decor for your Home Office

With so many people working from home, both full time and part time, what used to be our vision of a perfect home office (a laptop, a lap and a place to sit) no longer has what it takes. Home offices are getting a more professional appearance that can stand shoulder to shoulder with companies’ premises, and not only that, by providing you with total freedom when it comes to décor, they are can be even better. So, if you want to turn your home office into modern and stylish space that inspires productivity and evokes good mood, here are a few tips that will help you achieve that.

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Start with a chic (and motivating) color palette

Every good painting starts with a canvas. The walls of your home office should be the canvas on which you will paint a modern and inspiring home office. A neutral palette is the best choice because it will allow you to experiment with the furniture and the décor. If you want to include a chic trendy moment, go for Pantone’s Greenery with wallpaper or some detail. On the other hand, you can turn to color psychology and use blue for productivity and yellow for good mood.

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Create Activity Zones

Dividing the room into several different zones will create a dynamic atmosphere and it will also make the office more functional. Consider all the activities you are going to have in that room. If you are just going to do a desk job, that is the zone that should be your priority, but you can still include a relaxing nook for taking a break. If you are going to receive clients or hold discussions you should also incorporate an additional seating area.

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Make your main workspace your priority

Obviously, the most important part of your office is the one where you will spend the most of your time, so comfort is the first thing you should pay attention to.  Get a desk where you can hold your hands at a 90-degree angle and an ergonomic chair so that the long sitting hours don’t be too difficult for you. However, don’t let this “comfort” part disrupts the stylish side of your workspace. The chair and the desk should fit into the overall style of the room (e.g. if your style of choice is Scandinavian, go for pale wood for the desk).

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Amp the coziness

What’s the difference between an office and a home office? You’ve guessed it; it’s in the word home. Play that card a bit more by adding homey elements. A soft armchair in the corner for relaxing in between filing binges? Why not? A trendy flatweave runner rug that will introduce the visitors into your fabulous mini corporate empire? Definitely. Three-seat sofa for naps? If you must. Anything that makes you feel happier in your office, while not distracting you from your job completely, is acceptable.

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Have enough storage space

Let’s go back to the functionality talk. Every well-decorated office has to have enough storage space. If you have very little space at your disposal, you can go with multipurpose furniture (e.g. an ottoman that can serve as a storage unit), below the desk storage and vertical shelving. Open shelving is an excellent way to score on both functional items and decorative elements.

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Sprinkle with details

Speaking of decorative elements, it is about time to introduce some of your sparkling personality into your home office. A piece of artwork that goes well with your design style (e.g. for Scandinavian, choose simple black and white canvas prints, and for vintage, go for some flowers or nature scenes), will look fantastic on your office wall. You can also add some travel souvenirs and family photographs. House plants are always a great way to spice up some space, but they are also useful for purifying the air and improving your focus.

Although everyone has a different set of needs when it comes to their workspace, there is no doubt that you can find something for yourself in these tips and create the perfect office space that matches your needs and personality.



Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook


Are You Unhappy at Work?


Do you often feel like you’re stuck in a job that offers you nothing more than work stress and dissatisfaction?

EI 2

This may be a good time to consider doing something about that. There could be a number of reasons leading to the sinking feeling you have every time you think about your current job, workplace, and/or career, and it will only worsen unless you take control of the situation and do something about it.

Unhappy employees have two basic options to deal with their situation:

  • Switch jobs/career
  • Work on improving their current employment environment

However, before you decide what to do about it, it is important to know what exactly is bringing you all this stress. You need to identify the problem.

Identify the Problem

Unless you know what the problem is, it will be complicated to find a solution for it. There could be just one central problem that every other minor issue stems from – you know, a bad boss or a cut in the employee entitlements. This problem alone has you so upset that every small thing that goes wrong at the workplace just adds to your miseries.

Other things to consider might include but aren’t limited to:

  • You are too over qualified for the job.
  • You can’t seem to adapt to the working conditions and environment of the organisation.
  • You’re being discriminated against on the basis of your race, gender, sexual orientation, and/or religion
  • This job is not something you wanted to do.
  • There are little or no chances of growth in the organisation.
  • You did not get the promotion you worked so hard for.
  • You’re underpaid or aren’t given adequate overtime for working after hours.

Take the time to carefully consider what is going wrong and where is it going wrong. Once you have that figured out, the next course of action is to decide what you want to do about it.

Do You Have an Alternative?

A number of issues can be solved if you muster up the courage to discuss and/or negotiate over them with the management. For that purpose you need to see what you’re willing to forgo in return for something better. For example, you’ve been working for vertical growth which you didn’t accomplish, but there could be a possibility for horizontal growth for you – keep your options open. Talk where you have to. Negotiate where you can. Find a solution.

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Is It Something that Shouldn’t be Overlooked?

In cases of workplace discrimination, harassment, and or events of employee rights violation – you shouldn’t silently bear situation. These circumstances can grow overtime and develop into scenarios that are more emotionally and professionally taxing than they are at the moment. Don’t waste your time. It is best to consult the employment lawyers in your area to seek legal remedies for the situation.

When You Don’t See a Way Out

If the situation has developed into one where you don’t feel like working or even showing up at the workplace, be wise enough to look for another job. Regardless of your reasons, this is the time where you have already faced enough. The damage is done and there is little chance of repairing it.

Be wise. Be professional. Do what you’ve got to do.


This article is crafted by the creative team behind Employment Innovations.


Finding your First Office Space? What You Need to Know

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A first office is a turning point for many organizations, a potential stepping stone towards success. Still, if you really mean to grow and thrive, you cannot settle for just any space. There are many moving parts and factors to keep an eye on, so brace yourself. This is a big undertaking, one that takes quite a bit of time, research, and investment. Some of the crucial considerations revolve around the budget, company’s identity, and specific business needs.



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The first thing to do is assess current expenses and grasp the full picture. Remember to include details such as internet, supplies, staff, technology, etc. Estimate how much money you will need to invest in marketing, advertising, delivery, customer service, and other core business areas. Once you obtain the total of your expenses, you’ll need to estimate  future income and cash flow. Getting into the numbers is the best way to decide whether you can afford an office.

Leasing vs Buying

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When searching for a commercial property, you have two basic options. Firstly, those who lease an office space have all their payments laid out for tax purposes. Basically, they know exactly how much they will spend per month. The drawback is that the lease and property owner determines the length of the lease. On the other hand, buying a space is a sound strategy for companies with ample funding and strong proven growth. Apart from new office spaces, it’s possible to invest in older ones or even apartments, and then renovate and remodel them.

Alternative approaches

Of course, there are some other options. For some businesses, it might be better to stay in a home office. Indeed, this strategy is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Also, note that many startups are clustered with other small businesses and sharing the office (and expenses) with them. A temporary rental space is also worth considering. Namely, there are many websites like LiquidSpace where businessmen can book conference rooms, offices, and studio places.

Growing pains

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Small businesses should strive to find a place that allows them to scale up, an office that can grow together with the operations. Growth potential is an important aspect you have to factor in because you do not want to grow out of your office when the lease is not yet over. The truth is that growth is a tricky metric to predict, which is why entrepreneurs often look for something short-term. However, if you’re expecting growth it may be preferable to opt for a bit bigger space, one that could serve its purpose for next few years.

A list of things

Depending on your circumstances and business sector, there are a slew of elements that affect your choice. These involve the layout of the office (closed-off workspace or open plan), equipment, condition,  size, parking availability, traffic in the area, location, amenities in the vicinity, and neighborhood. If clients are going to visit your office, you should also take into account their wants and needs. The building itself should provide some amenities as well, and be safe and secure.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

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Your office is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. It is an extension of your business ideas and mission. Moreover, it sends a resounding message to others, including your employees. Thus, it would be a good idea to find an office that speaks volumes about you and leaves room for customization. After all, the office is a vital piece of a business’s identity and a place that should suit both the professional and personal needs of employees.

Keep Your Options Open

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Finding a perfect first office is both thrilling and overwhelming. There’s not much room for error, so see if it makes financial sense to rent or purchase the space and whether you can justify all the monthly expenses. Anticipate your rate of growth and cash flow and have an exit strategy in place. Ponder on the needs of yourself, your team, as well as clients. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and research every aspect thoroughly.


The above post is provided by Chloe, a young blogger and a huge fan of social media. She enjoys learning and writing about interior design, business, psychology and productivity related topics. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. You can find Chloe on FB and Twitter.


Motivating Employees Through Online Platforms

Employees are the building blocks of any enterprise. Any business or organisation that expects to perform well in the market and grow must have a motivated workforce to be at the forefront of its success and competitive advantage. However, due to firms succumbing to austerity cuts in the country and the backdrop of poor economic conditions, many UK firms are facing considerable challenges in motivating employees.

Although many UK companies have taken steps to combat the rising threat of disgruntled and demotivated workers in the country by joining hands with academics and think tanks, poor employee motivation is still a problem. A 2015 UK survey found that nearly half of UK employees feel a lack of motivation in their workplaces. So how can a business motivate employees? Enter online platforms.

Why Online Platforms Are Key to Employee Engagement and Motivation

Online platforms are becoming increasingly important as businesses are becoming more focused on integrating technology to drive competitive strength and leverage. Employees of an enterprise or organisation can lose commitment to their work as a result of poor communication, lack of engagement and reward systems and transparency of their efforts that can lower company efficiency and growth.

Using online platforms, such as Power 2 Motivate, helps build considerable transparency and visibility to employee performance tracking and management system that can help boost commitment and motivation levels. It can further be pivotal in building an efficient work culture that encourages higher social sharing and activity that can help employees feel valued in the enterprise.

Businesses can no longer rely on old-age methods to galvanise their employees to achieve high morale and passion for excellence. Organisations, such as those involved in sales and services industries, require a centralised approach to manage all employee activity and equip them with the necessary tools and medium to advance their individual and collective goals.

For instance, sales organisations, through the use of online platforms, can set sales targets to encourage greater effort and provide them with useful and detailed feedback to assess their performance. Through this centralised approach, management will have greater control on equipping each employee with individual performance goals that will help increase business efficiency and growth and the employee will benefit from improved communication and interaction.

What Online Platforms Are Best For Improving Employee Motivation?

Different online platforms will offer different features and advantages. A firm must be careful in choosing one that can meet its business and employee needs. Among the various benefits that an online platform can provide, firms must take greater effort in ensuring a platform is versatile and flexible enough to meet evolving business and employee requirements. This will be essential in making sure the platform’s features can be scaled in accordance with company growth objectives and plans.

Furthermore, the right platform must offer a simple user interface to ensure smooth and convenient navigation of features and tools. Employees should face no issues or problems in accessing their individual accounts and be able to access all important information for their success.


This article was crafted by the creative team behind Power 2 Motivate.


Luxury Furniture for Creating a Dream Home Office that Inspires Creativity

Working from home has become the choice of many people today. And we’ve finally moved on from considering a laptop and any chair or a living room sofa a good-enough solution for a home office. Now, we’re aspiring to something more professional, functional, and in the end, aesthetically pleasing. Office design impacts both your productivity and the first impression your clients make of you, that is, if you are using the office for seeing clients too. Besides, your home office is your sanctuary, and this should be enough of a reason to treat it with at least one lust-worthy piece of furniture. Here are our suggestions.

Conroy Leather Office Chair by Hooker FurnitureImage credit:

Conroy Leather Office Chair by Hooker Furniture

The most important thing about an office is, beyond any doubt, an office chair. This piece of furniture will determine how comfortable you’ll feel while sitting for hours and will you feel any negative consequences of that. It should be pleasant to sit on, provide enough support and enable height adjustment. This chair gives you all that and more. Tufted back, brass nail head trim and top-grain leather make this office chair something to brag about.

Oxford Chair by Fritz HansenImage credit:

Oxford Chair by Fritz Hansen

If you are aiming for a more simplistic design, you can opt for a classic that is synonymous with prestige and status – Oxford chair. This chair’s history goes way back to 1965 when Arne Jacobsen designed it for professors at Oxford College. The seat and back are made of high-quality leather, while the legs and arms are produced of shiny chrome which brings in a touch of metallic trend into your office.

Canasta 2 Drawer Console by Max SparrowImage credit:

Canasta 2 Drawer Console by Max Sparrow

If you are looking for that one eye-catchy piece of furniture that will make the rest of them blush of shame then Canasta console is the one for you. The sophisticated geometric forms and detailing make it unparalleled in luxury and a favorite of both interior design experts and enthusiasts, since after it is added to the room, there is no need for much more work to be done. Additionally, the high-quality materials and great craftsmanship make this table an investment to last.

Larus Directional Desk by Della RovereImage credit:

Larus Directional Desk by Della Rovere

If your home office is spacious enough, this is the perfect desk to have. Larus provides a full range of office furniture that can be separated or combined in various ways, thus creating more than 200 combinations. Fascinating, right? In one piece you get an office desk, storage solution, coffee table, service elements, extensions and pedestals.

Cubus Storage Cabinet by WharfsideImage credit:

Cubus Storage Cabinet by Wharfside

This luxuriously-made cabinet is manufactured of real enduring wood. The selection of internal compartments offers very functional storage solution, while the angled sliding door makes the furniture piece impeccably elegant and minimalistic. A perfect solution for minimizing the office clutter and maximizing its style.

Wide French Sleigh Dresser by Laurel CrownImage credit:

Wide French Sleigh Dresser by Laurel Crown

Anything that has “French” in its name has to be luxurious, right? Well, we can’t guarantee about every little thing, but this sleigh dresser is the personification of classic luxury. This large chest of drawers might not offer you the same functionality as the previous storage solution, but it does bring the spirit of aristocracy straight into your office. Besides, the chest goes with two hidden drawers and it is made of hand carved mahogany, what more could you wish for?


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Eichholtz Soto Cabinet by Luxdeco

This cabinet, or to be more precise bookcase is a nicely crafted expression of beauty made with stainless steel and black glass. Similarly to the mentioned Canasta console, it uses geometry to create an interlinked designed. It is clearly inspired by the Art Deco period, which is never a bad thing if you are searching for luxury.

You work hard in your home office, and therefore, you deserve the best. Perhaps you can’t afford each of these lavish pieces, but some self-indulgence can’t hurt.

The above article was written by Tracey Clayton, a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.


All You Need to Make Your Office a Stress-Free Oasis


There’s no doubt that workplace stress reduces the individual’s ability to focus on multiple tasks. That stress comes from multiple sources: annoying coworkers, demanding boss, poor conditions and never-ending workload. One of the sources we often overlook is the work environment. We’ve seen just how depressing it can be when employers try to cram as many workers as possible in one space by designing dozens of cubicles. Fortunately, today, that has changed and we have more open-plan collaborative spaces. Still, they’re not without their flaws, and there is still room for improvement. Here is everything you need to turn your office space into a stress-free oasis.


Piled up paperwork isn’t doing you any favors. Searching for a pen in crowded drawers can just add up to your stress. The same goes for a bunch of folders littering your computer’s desktop. Getting rid of all the unnecessary items, and organizing the remaining ones into meaningful wholes will make you feel like you’re shedding physical and mental weight. The fewer the distractions, the better you’ll be at what you do.


Use the Right Colors

Color psychology has been used for centuries to create an environment that promotes well being. Take your cues from this ancient practice and introduce soothing shades, such as green and purple. However, don’t miss out on the chance to include colors that enhance productivity too, like blue and brown. If you don’t have the chance to paint your office, de-stress the environment with details like accessories, folders, pen holders, etc.

Improve the Lighting

Studies have shown that office lighting can impact productivity and mood. Since something as simple as lighting can have such influence, it is also very simple to address this issue. If you can, try to get as much as natural light as you can. Alternatively, you can introduce several artificial light sources of different temperatures (cool and warm) and produce similar effect as of the sunlight.


Make It Comfortable

If you are sitting at an office desk eight hours every day, you should make sure you have an ergonomic chair that provides good lumbar support and that the keyboard is at hand level. Some offices have started addressing the consequences of sedentary behavior with standing desks, but they too can be quite uncomfortable for your legs, back and neck. You can minimize the discomfort with rubber anti fatigue mats that absorb impact and keep your feet in a more natural position.

Introduce Greenery

Introducing plants is a simple, yet very rewarding change. Plants are not only purifying the indoor air, but they also make the environment feel stimulating and less stressful. In fact, research from Washington State University found that productivity in employees that worked in room with plants increased by 12%, they were more attentive and the task they were performing was less stressful.


Listen to Music

It’s no secret that good music improves the mood. However, this isn’t a frequent de-stress solution in offices. If your office allows it, play some soothing songs while working. If you can, use headphones to avoid distracting colleagues.

Keep Healthy Snacks Close By

Junk food and soft drinks are a natural go to when we’re stressed. To avoid reaching for this “comfort food”, keep a bottle of water near your desk and a pack of healthy snacks (nuts, almonds, raisins, etc.) in the drawer, and reach for them whenever you feel worn out. Avoid unhealthy snacks, such as potato chips.

The workplace can be stressful, there’s no way around it. Still, you can do your best to keep that stress at the minimum. Follow these few tips and make your office as close to a zen sanctuary as it gets.

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The above article is provided by Emma Lawson, a passionate writer, online article editor and health enthusiast. In her spare time, she likes to do research, and write articles to create awareness regarding healthy lifestyle. She also strives to suggest innovative home remedies that can help you lead a quality and long life.

Find her on Twitter @EmmahLawson


Smart Workplace Design: Make the Most Out Of Your Office Space


A breath of fresh air sweeps along the office landscape. Sterile cubicles that used to dominate the business world now make way for innovative and creative design thinking. As the old way of thinking becomes obsolete, one can always adhere to the principles of good organization and smart design. Taking action pays off in a big way, while disorganization costs an arm and a leg and impedes your ability to reach set goals. So, it is high time to move in new design directions.

Decluttering mission

Clutter is thebane of productivity. And with space being a precious commodity, wasting a single square foot of it is not an option. Therefore, do away with everything that does not serve a purpose. Things that are used rarely are also good candidates to be stored away.

Chloe 2

After decluttering, ensure that all the remaining things have designated place. Label all bins, baskets, and shelves to make it easy for workers to find what they need. It should be mentioned that organizing by color is a big thing nowadays and is associated with various mental benefits.


Storage solutions

Ample storage space is paramount to your efforts. Firstly, take advantage of inexpensive storage boxes to deal with the archived files. Check out high-density shelving and other innovative solutions, like personal storage boxes. Use desktop organizers to keep the desk tidy andgroup similar items together.


More specialized storage capacities depend on the type of business, but all organizations can   capitalize on revising their filing systems. Namely, a digital age has blessed us with various tech marvels that allow us to assemble virtually paperless offices or at least considerably reduce the amount of paper used.

Blurred lines of space

Take a good look at the entire office space. The principles of good organization dictate that you establish separate work zones for a specific type of activity. As a rule of thumb, most offices consist of main workspaces, a reference area, and supply area, although designated lounge areas are on the roll today.


Still, it is a good idea to think in terms of a creative workspace, which is flexible and multipurpose. Feel free to use solutions such as mobile furniture, non-assigned seating, oval-shaped desks, community tables, non-permanent layouts, etc. Likewise, note that an open floor plan gives workers more freedom to move around and utilize the space the way they see fit.

Smart revolution

With the roaring advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the buildings themselves are getting smarter and improved with cutting-edge tech. Smart building technology is not some fad, as it contributes to the optimal space utilization. For instance, advanced sensors can give us a clear idea about work patterns and preferred ways that employees use the space.


They identify potential problems such as lack of proper meeting space. And when it comes to workers, they are able to enjoy better indoor climate with superior temperature control and quality ventilation. These better work conditions boost motivation and productivity across the board, impacting also the company’s bottom line.


Design Your Success

Well-designed offices provide a variety of spaces for employees. They bring people together, but also give them private spaces to get busy. A humming sanctuary of productivity and engagement does not come easy, tough. One has to use every inch of space to its maximum and think outside the box. Bear in mind that maintaining an organized space is an ongoing project and that your investment will be a drop in the bucket compared to immense benefits you will enjoy.


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The above post is provided by Chloe, a young blogger and a huge fan of social media. She enjoys learning and writing about interior design, business, psychology and productivity related topics. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take stunning photographs of beautiful places. You can find Chloe on FB and Twitter.


How Promotional Products Help Grow Your Business

You might be considering what promotional merchandise to get for your business. This may be a small investment but it is important that you see it through. It can offer better return on investment than most other expensive marketing tactics. Here is how promotional goods help your business.

Getting Passed For You

Items like pencils and pens may be small things and not cost much, but in reality they are passed along and used more often than we realize, which means they are perfect surfaces for advertisements. More than that, your promotional campaign is likely to be more successful if you offered something like this for free, something that your potential customers need on a daily basis. You can always get your business logo printed on such items via a good online service like

Serve as Daily Reminders

Promotional merchandise is like an alarm that is set off at unexpected times during the day. Many things like chip clips and desk calendars never leave a person’s possession, but they are seen each day by a potential customer. It’s sending off subtle messages to these people that they should buy your products.

They Are Like Walking Billboards

Ever think about why companies give away t shirts and hats for free? This is because the person who is wearing that shirt serves as a walking advertisement for the product. They will think about your business throughout the day.


When you give out many items to the company no matter how low cost but for free, you earn the goodwill of the people. Therefore the people are more willing to say positive things about your business, and about your product, which ultimately boosts your corporate image for the better.

Corporate Gifts

If you work with higher end clientele, a simple tee shirt may not cut it, but a gourmet gift set or a stunning desk accessory can easily impress your potential client, as well as leave a lasting impression on their memory. If anyone else happens to gaze upon these gifts, the printed logo advertises your business to them as well.


Employee Rewards

Remember, not all promotional items are supposed to advertise the business products. You are free to offer employee incentives and small reminders at company parties about these items. It is always great to remember that a happy employee is a productive employee. Just because you have a small business, does not mean that you cannot afford to reward the people who are helping you manage your business now and then.

When you are choosing the promotional products that will serve you well and match the image of the business as well, there are certain factors that you must take into account, like what you can get customized on a budget, whether you want to strictly stick to a theme giveaway, what are your goals regarding your promotional and marketing strategy, and what would your target market like. Once you have the answers to these questions, you’re on the path for a great promotional campaign.


**This article is prepared by the creative team behind Custom Gear.**

Boost Your Productivity Levels at Work

If you ask people how they stay alert during work hours, the most common answer you get is coffee. Coffee has become the elixir of productivity for us all. However, coffee isn’t the only thing that can keep your brain active when you need to work. Research into organizational behavior and psychology points to another thing which can be just as useful at boosting productivity levels, and you will be surprised by the answer: plants.


Yes, those plants which we place in our offices for purely aesthetic reasons are actually helping us work better. How? Let’s look at three different beneficial plants for the workplace and how they make a difference.

1: Spider Plant:


Studies suggest that spider plants help improve the quality of the air around us. They are particularly effective at removing pollutants like VOC from the air. Not just that, but these plants also help reduce stress levels at work.

Lower levels of stress= More work done!

They are also low-maintenance plants. They do not require much water and can thrive well in shaded areas. However, a little bit of light every now and then might be necessary for them. When you notice the leaves of a spider plant have turned droopy or brown, move them to a relatively sunnier side of the office, and let them stay there for a couple of days.

Once the leaves regain their luster, you can bring them back inside your cubicle.

2: Philodendron:

plantman 3

University of Technology, Sydney conducted a study where they found out that this leafy plant is a survivor—in every sense of the word! This plant is impossible to kill! It is also great at removing pollutants like VOC, carbon dioxide etc from the air, making the environment fresher and cleaner.

If the employees of an organization display poor levels of concentration or complain of frequent headaches, exposure to a Co2 laden air may be one of the factors. Hence, keeping a Philodendron plant in your workplace can provide fresher, cleaner air.

3: Lemon Balm:


This is an office plant that not only freshens up the air around, but also improves mood.

Lemon Balm is a plant that thrives irrespective of the lighting conditions it is placed in. It just needs to be kept moist. This plant is not only soothing to the eyes; its scent is also known for improving the mood of the people around.

These are our top 3 indoor office plants that can help increase workplace productivity. While there are many advantages of keeping plants in your office, they also require proper care and maintenance. A good idea would be to pick a plant that is low-maintenance to begin with. And if you have trouble figuring out which plant would be most suitable for your workplace, why not hire an indoor plant service like The Plant Man, who will be able to properly analyze your workplace, and recommend the best plants for your situation.

At the end of the day, we think we all realize that sitting in drab offices all day long is bad for us. Our ancestors spent a lot of time outdoors surrounded by greenery. While we can’t just take our desk and set it in between some beautiful greenery, we can bring a little bit of green beauty to our workplaces.


The above post was written by  the creative team behind The Plant Man.


Design Tips for Making Employees Love Their Office

An office design portrays the company’s policy and culture. It’s a competitive market out there, and designing an office space that meets the needs of employees and stimulates them to give their best is an effective strategy to attract new talents. It also shows that the well-being of the employees is one of the company’s priorities. Having happy employees means a having a strong community that operates together to achieve good results. In order to create space your employees will love, you need to know what keeps them satisfied and prompts their enthusiasm. Open and comfy spaces, positive atmosphere, and a place to get together during lunch breaks reflect the family spirit, and that’s exactly what you need to make a successful workplace.


Image credit:

Collaborative spirit

The atmosphere of collaboration should be dominant at any workplace. After all, we spend great amount of time at the office and people we work with become somewhat of a family to us. Building and maintaining strong interpersonal relations is necessary for the company’s success. A great way to achieve this is to design an inviting open space that enhances bonding and sharing of ideas. Consider open spaces that resemble cafés or cute kitchens that look like they’ve been taken from a suburban home. Comfy couches also add up to a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Food for the mind

Providing food for their staff is something that many companies skip doing, claiming the expenses are too high. However, hunger can affect the level of productivity and concentration. In other words, people think more clearly with a full stomach. Having kitchens where people can take some time off and socialize with their colleagues will contribute to the overall good mood. Long tables and comfy chairs are inviting and may encourage employees to stay there rather than go outside and have a bite. Make sure to provide plenty of nutritious food, like fruit and veggies. You’ll need a place to store it, so consider getting some quality refrigeration appliances to keep the food fresh.


Image credit:

An office oasis

Hectic pace and plenty of obligations and tasks at work can be challenging and tedious. That’s why the surroundings should contribute to the feeling of peace and harmony. When deciding on colors, stick to neutral tones like white, beige, or some gentle shade of orange, as they and have a calming effect on the mind. A mixture of vibrant colors can seem too striking and tiring for the eye. Proper ventilation and good lighting go without saying. Additionally, having plants in the office will enhance the mood of the employees and sharpen their focus, while making the air cleaner and fresher.

Encourage creativity

Every good company encourages creativity and free expression of ideas. One advertising agency from Chicago has taken this idea to a whole new level. Namely, Tris3ct, the agency in question, makes sure that every creative thought that goes through the minds of their employees gets recorded. They do this by making almost all surfaces in the office, including walls and floors, suitable for writing. That way, when someone experiences sudden inspiration, no matter where they are, they have everything they need at hand to explore that new idea.


Image credit:

Enable efficient employee feedback

The flow of ideas between employees should run smoothly in order to create an efficient working environment. You can make the office layout more feedback-friendly and suitable for exchange of opinions. Try not to have very long tables in conference rooms to enable a more intimate atmosphere among employees. Also, if you have a narrow row of desks, consider putting them in groups so that each team can have a private space to discuss ideas. Even little changes like this one can improve communication between the employees and increase the company’s productivity.

A pleasant and functioning workplace contributes to the happiness of the employees. The right design creates a friendly atmosphere and encourages mutual respect, which will make the employees enjoy the time they spend in their office.


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